Sunday, December 11, 2011

Locating and Repairing a Break in an Underground Pet Containment System An actual professional locate and repair of an underground wire dog fence break. Making use of the DFNA 1016 fault locator to locate the break and then using the DFNA Wire Hog installation tool as well as the DFNA splice supplies to repair and replace a small section of wire. All these tools and supplies as well as helpful advice is available from Dr. Hogan himself at This is a long 23+ minute video in 2 parts.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Underground Fence Vs Wireless - What is Better to Fit Your Dog Fence Needs?

!±8± Underground Fence Vs Wireless - What is Better to Fit Your Dog Fence Needs?

After fifteen years in the dog fence business I have seen a lot of products out there. Dog Guard, Pet Stop, Pet Safe, Dog Watch, Innotek and many more. I thought I would give my professional opinion on the best fence for the safety of your pet.

First is the underground, there are many brands to choose from. With a underground dog fence there is a transmitter typically installed in a dry area either in a garage or basement. After the transmitter is installed the loop wire is then installed. Some yards are larger than others so when you lay out the loop wire keep in mind that where you put the wire the dog will stay back anywhere from 4 feet to up to ten feet depending on the size of the yard. There are different methods that can be used to do this.

I would recommend calling the local tool rental store to see if they rent a machine for this, most of them do these days. Another way is to use a good lawn edger cut a slot then use a garden weed tool (short handled tool with a v at the end) to poke the wire down in the trench. When installing the wire remember to leave enough wire to get from the perimeter into the garage or basement. What I do is leave enough wire to insert both ends into my cordless drill and use the drill to twist the two together. Once twisted this area will not omit any signal so it will be safe for your dog to cross and safe in the garage or basement. This will also make it easy to lay the two wires in the same trench and easy to staple to the wall in the basement or garage. OK the wire is in three steps left. First use a skill saw with a asphalt blade to score a line in the driveway. After the score is done use a screwdriver to poke the wire into the score. To seal the drive I found that wet-dry roofing is not only the most cost efficient but also most effective. Next Place the flags the same distance away from the wire around the perimeter. Final step train your dog. As you can see there is a lot of work involved in the underground electronic dog fence.

The underground pet fence receiver activates when it enters the signal field and the wireless receiver activates when the receiver leaves the signal field.

OK now we now what is involved with the underground dog fence lets talk wireless.

The wireless pet fence is only manufactured by Pet Safe. The set up is simple depending on the size of your yard. Lets say you have a 1/4 acre lot.

On a 1/4 acre lot the ideal place to install the transmitter would be in the center of the house. Next install the transmitter by simply plug it in to a nearby outlet. After the transmitter is installed place the battery into the receiver. After the battery is installed it is time to mark the pets boundary with the flags. On a 1/4 acre the transmitter range will need to be turned close to all the way up. Unfortunately with the wireless fence it only works in a 360 degree radius of the transmitter, in other words up to a 90 foot radius around the transmitter making at total of 180 feet around. Take your flags and receiver and start walking to the edge until the receiver activates, then put in a flag. Continue around the property until you have flags about 10 feet a part around the entire property, then train your pet.

There you have it the wireless dog fence VS the the underground dog fence. If you have a small yard like a condo or town house then the wireless is probably for you. If you have a large yard then a underground fence is right for you. I my self have both I use the underground fence at home, not just to contain my pet but also it keeps him out of the gardens. I also have it wired in areas inside my house to keep them out of the cats area and the garbage. The wireless system I keep in my camper and flag a small area for them when camping. My dogs Chance, Frannie and Senior Nutts love the freedom at home or on vacation and I feel great knowing they are safe. I use the Pet Safe underground fence and the Pet Safe wireless system.

Thanks for reading more to come soon visit my blog for the latest post.

Underground Fence Vs Wireless - What is Better to Fit Your Dog Fence Needs?

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PetSafe Premium Cat Fence Extra Receiver

!±8± PetSafe Premium Cat Fence Extra Receiver

Brand : PetSafe | Rate : | Price : $78.30
Post Date : Sep 13, 2011 13:09:10 | Usually ships in 1-2 business days

  • Our smallest waterproof Receiver Collar
  • Collar includes stretch section for cat's safety
  • Low battery indicator
  • Receiver can be adjusted to cat's temperament (4 levels, plus tone only)

More Specification..!!

PetSafe Premium Cat Fence Extra Receiver

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two ideas for Dog Fencing

!±8± Two ideas for Dog Fencing

Having dogs around can sometimes be overwhelming when you have guests or simply too busy. I let them run around the house and locked her in a room not long-term solutions. Therefore, they built a fence will be a safe space to run and also know what their limits. For example, if you have a family dinner, the dog in a safe place where there are so frustrated that you are locked in a peaceful meal.

WhenConsidering what kind of fencing should go and see if your dog (s) I think inside or outside doors. Also what size space they need, when you have a big dog then you need a large space out side.

There are two types of enclosures for outdoor use both inside and outside, are:

First, wood fences are a good idea for the door outside and indoors, depending on the space you have. This is simply constructed and has a low cost. And 'ideal for out door spacesand for a large dog or a group of dogs.

Secondly, fences chain can be used, are popular in kennels and the height can be adjusted. This type of fence is also cheap and durable, is to stop one of the benefits that can come out and that the dog is always a. These are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

So these ideas to keep your pet, decide where you want the space to create. Then look at the cost and type of fence that fits you best.

Two ideas for Dog Fencing

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Wireless Dog Fence - Advantages and disadvantages

!±8± The Wireless Dog Fence - Advantages and disadvantages

Wireless Dog Fence Advantages

Here you can find a wireless dog fence is very comfortable and can be taken with you when you travel. If a dog gets used to the system you have the peace of mind knowing they are safe in their limits.

Some systems are capable of less than 5 hectares, which will be very useful if you have personal property that you want to cover are watched on any number of dogs.

Maintenance of a wireless networkFence system is normally just to change the battery in the collar and make sure the sending unit is connected to the mains.

The use of the system would be an ugly fence to be preferred, the dogs can dig under or jump. Do not obstruct access to your property and do not constitute a threat to other animals or children.

Another great advantage is that they can be used indoors, in order to limit the access areas of your dog.


Some people simply feel it is inhumane to use the electric collar dog fence, sending a shock to the dog. These are very easy to follow the tone and the shock of hearing the dog, when they approach the electronic barrier. Only after the border fence will be a shock.

It 'was designed to change the behavior of the dog to send them back within limits. The signals are not sent after a certain number of signals. And 'highly unlikely to occur ever damagea dog, if it is correct.

Some also suggest more than a struggle for the collars must be removed when the dog is inside. They fear that corrections may be accidental for any number of electrical devices. Would have run away then there is always the possibility of forgetting someone, wear a collar and your pet can.

Again, it is important to know that many have found it to be very useful to limit the access of animals to their rooms to themHouses a transmitter.

The area covered must be a direct line of sight. And 'possible to have more than one unit would be needed to completely cover and overlap want access to the danger zone, they refuse.

Finally, it requires some work on your part to get your dog to introduce the system in order to learn what is expected of them. Almost every pet is an invisible barrier guide and tips to help you succeed in reaching this goal. Maybe find some sellers will offer to look forward to working with theAs part of their delivery and installation.

It would seem clear that a wireless dog fence will save you money over time. Especially when you compare with the cost of a typical installation of a physical barrier that can be unpleasant choice for your property.

Overall, they offer a high degree of flexibility, convenience and low maintenance to give you peace of mind knowing your best friend will be safe. You can find that takes advantagethe largest area for your dog to play and move safely.

The Wireless Dog Fence - Advantages and disadvantages

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Brand : Innotek | Rate : | Price : $252.31
Post Date : Aug 09, 2011 11:35:25 | Usually ships in 1-2 business days

New INNOTEK UltraSmart in-ground pet fencing systems set a new standard. The difference is in the sleek, streamlined comfortable collar - 30% smaller and lighter than other containment receivers.

More Specification..!!

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